Unique Exhibition: “A Single Coach And Two Kingdoms: Hanover And Fantastic Britain 1814-1837”

He came to the British throne just after the death of his cousin, the last Stuart monarch, Queen Anne. She was succeeded by King Edward VII who, taking his dynastic title from his father, Prince Albert’sside of the household, became the 1st monarch of the House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha. In due course William and then Anne died without the need of reputable challenge. Shortly prior to Anne’s death in 1714, Protestant Sophia, Electress of Hanover, had also died. The effect of the Act of Succession was to pass the thrones of Fantastic Britain and Ireland to George I, who proved a deeply unpopular German-speaking king. George I was challenged by the 1715 and 1719 attempts to replace the House of Hanover with the Jacobites, but remained in energy.

William III died in 1702, Anne became queen and Sophia became heir presumptive. Anne objected to Sophia’s name even becoming mentioned in her presence and any suggestion of inviting Sophia to take a look at England was rebuffed. If she had lived only a handful of weeks longer Sophia would have been Queen of Excellent Britain.

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He only came into line for the throne with the passing of the Act of Settlement in 1701. This was parliament’s option for what to do if Queen Anne died with no surviving heirs. She did just that, in 1714, obtaining gone via 17 ill-fated pregnancies like many miscarriages, all in a futile try to make a future king.

Wallis had no intention of marrying the sexually challenged Edward but did appreciate the jewels with which he lavished her. Wallis thought this was ONLY a temporary fling and the Prince of Wales would quickly find someone else or settle down and marry a princess. Wallis preferred her amiable husband, Ernest Simpson to a juvenile prince who had in no way grown up. On the other hand Ernest was as well broke to afford a holiday so Wallis went on holiday to France with the Prince of Wales and on a cruise worried Ernest’s ship broking business may well go broke in the recession of the 1930s. In private they called Edward ‘the Peter Pan prince who by no means grew up.’ Edward was now completely obsessed by Wallis who reminded him of his first adore object, his old nanny.

2014 marks the 300th anniversary of the Hanoverian accession to the British Throne, a vital moment in which the new British nation developed an original sense of style that is nonetheless recognised across the world nowadays. With the death of Queen Anne and the unsuccessful search for a Protestant heir in England, the British monarchy turned to its distant relatives from the Principality of Hanover. From 1714 4 Georges from the Home of Hanover wore the British crown, giving their name to the 18th-century and shaping the history of the British Empire. The household was so touched by this message that they sent their younger son Ernst August III to send his father’s thanks to the Emperor, where Ernst August III met and fell in enjoy with the Emperor’s only daughter, Princess Viktoria Luise. This contributed to a thawing in the relations involving the Imperial court and the Hanovers and, when Ernst August III and Viktoria Luise married in 1913, the Emperor permitted the groom to succeed to the throne of the Duchy of Brunswick. She continued the grand Hanoverian tradition of undesirable blood with a parent—not with her father but her mother, whom she found at after distant and controlling.

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Even though Anne had provided birth to 17 youngsters, all but one of them died in childhood–and the survivor, the Duke of Gloucester, soon died at age 11. That left Queen Anne as the final of the Stuart line, devoid of a direct heir. Further, an underground political movement had appeared, identified as the “Jacobites”, who were agitating for the return of the Catholic eldest son of James II, James Francis Stuart, as King James III. It was a potentially explosive circumstance. While he ruled a nation that was almost all Protestant, King James II of England had been Catholic, and firmly embraced the ideology of “divine proper”. That inevitably led to conflict with Parliament and unpopularity with the public–a conflict which King James lost. Right after King James’ departure, Parliament declared that his daughter Mary Stuart, a Protestant, would take his place as Monarch.

Victory by the Prussians at the battle of Sadowa-Koniggratz meant that Hanoverian states would be ruled from Prussia rather than Austria. What resulted became identified as the North German Confederation, ruled by Kaiser Wilhelm I and his appointed Chancellor, Otto von Bismarck. King George V of Hanover, son of Ernest Augustus I, attempted to wrest manage back from the influence of the potent Prussians, but these attempts failed. ‘HANOVER (Ger.’ Hannover), formerly an independent kingdom of Germany, but since 1866 a province of Prussia.

As colours of the country have been initialy made use of the colours red and white, derived from the white “Saxons Ross” on red ground. The Saxons Ross was taken over by the Guelphs in 1361, and appeared in the flags or coats of arms of their territories, the Duchy of Brunswick and the Electorate of Brunswick-Lüneburg . The flags of Hanover were initially single coloured red, and showed a tall “Saxons Ross” in the middle of the flag on a stylized small green land.

Daughter of Frederick V, Elector Palatine also known as King Frederick V of Bohemia and Elizabeth Stuart also recognized as Queen Elizabeth of Bohemia. It would be a new era for England and they had been to come across that their new king, George of Hanover, was a brief, quiet German who could barely speak a word of English. A single month later, at only 49 years of age, Anne suffered a stroke and died as properly.

Having succumbed to dementia prior to the elevation of Hanover, it is unlikely he ever understood that he had gained an extra kingship nor did he take any role in its governance. Functional administration of Hanover was usually handled by a viceroy, which for the duration of the later years of George III’s reign and the reigns of kings George IV and William IV from 1816 to 1837, was Adolph Frederick, George III’s youngest surviving son. When Queen Victoria succeeded to the British throne in 1837, the 123-year private union of Terrific Britain and Hanover ended. Unlike in Britain, Semi-Salic law operated in Hanover, which excluded the accession to the throne by a female even though any male of the dynasty survived. In addition to individual members of the dynasty, British noblemen also travelled to Hanover and vice versa. Although the electorate – and subsequent kingdom – did not became a standard location for British grand tours, in other regions interest in the other emerged.


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